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This service has been designed by us to support Garmin, NavMan and TomTom GPS navigators. See terms and conditions below.


Download The Coles Express Point of Interest (POI) files to your computer, then follow the instructions in your GPS navigator user manual to import and display them as a landmark point of interest.


1. Download the zip file and save both files to your PC. The zip includes a logo so all Coles Express stores will be visible on your GPS navigating device with this icon.

2. Refer to your device's user manual and follow instructions on how to upload and use the files on your device.

Terms and Conditions

The Coles Express POI file is provided on an “as is” basis and Coles Express does not warrant its useability, accuracy, currency or that it will operate error-free with technology designed by other third parties, including on an ongoing basis. The service has been designed by for Garmin, NavMan and TomTom GPS navigators. It may be compatible with other GPS navigators or be converted for use on them or other units. Consult your device's user manual.

Coles Express is not affiliated with or endorsed by Garmin, NavMan, TomTom or other manufacturers of GPS-enabled devices and does not provide direct support for them. You accept all responsibility and risk downloading and using the information and material available. Coles Express does not accept any liability for loss or damage incurred as a result of your accessing, downloading, use, or reliance on the material or its interaction with other technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are there two files in each of the zip package?

Each of the zip contains both a POI file and a Coles Express icon to be used with the POI file.

Garmin contains POI File type .gpx and a Coles Express.bmp

NavMan contains POI File type .csv and a Coles Express.bmp

TomTom contains POI File type .ov2 and a Coles Express.bmp

Don't GPS devices already come with POI (Point of Interests) on them?

Yes. But, the Coles Express POI file lets you show Coles Express stores as a separate POI category and with a Coles Express icon - this will make them much easier to see.

I have a problem with my GPS-enabled device? What should I do?

Please check your GPS device's user guide, or contact the support centre for your specific device.

What GPS devices can I use the Coles Express POI files with?

The Coles Express POI files are in .gpx, .csv and .ov2 format which are suitable for Garmin, Navman, TomTom GPS devices, these file types maybe useable on other devices, you should consult your user manual.

Can I convert the file to use it on another GPS device?

There are POI converters available on the Internet that may convert the Coles Express POI file to a format for use on other devices. Do an Internet search for "POI Converter" or "Points of Interest" for more information.