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Shell V-Power 98

What is Shell V-Power 98?

Shell V-Power 98 is a 98 octane premium unleaded fuel. Developed with Ferrari, it is designed to improve performance and act instantly in your engine.

Why should I use it?

Cleans your engine as you drive.

Shell V-Power 98 contains powerful cleaning technology, developed to help enhance everyday driving performance and responsiveness. These cleaning components are designed to prevent the build up of power-robbing deposits and to help remove those which may have been left behind by other fuels.

Enhances power delivery.

The Shell V-Power 98 formulation has been rebalanced to contain 25% more Friction Modification Technology (FMT)*. FMT is designed to reduce friction in critical engine areas, unlocking valuable energy helping deliver more power to the wheels.

The Fuel Developed With Ferrari.

Shell V-Power 98 had been developed as part of the long-standing technical partnership with Scuderia Ferrari, it contains 99% of the same compounds as the fuel used by Ferrari Formula One team.

Which vehicles can use Shell V-Power 98 ?

Shell V-Power 98 can be used in any car designed to run on unleaded petrol (for pre-1986 cars, please check with your car manufacturer). Shell V-Power 98 is formulated to help remove existing deposits that other fuels may have left behind, to help new engines run smoothly for longer, and to help rejuvenate older engines. Most motorbikes that run on unleaded petrol will also be able to use Shell V-Power 98 . Its unique formulation can help protect the engine, and enhance responsiveness. Although Shell V-Power 98 is compatible with most bikes, please check with your manufacturer.

Where can I buy it?

Shell V-Power 98 is available from most Coles Express sites in Victoria, ACT, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia. If you live in Tasmania, Northern Territory or in the north western areas of Western Australia, Shell Unleaded 95 is a great choice if you prefer to use a higher octane fuel in your car. 

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*Compared to the previous Shell V-Power formulation.