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Shell Oils & Lubricants

Shell Lubricants available at Coles Express

Which Oils and Lubricants do Coles Express stock?

  • Engine oils for your car – Shell Helix range  
  • Engine oils for your motorcycle - Shell Advance range 
  • Engine oils for Heavy Duty Diesel vehicles (Trucks & Light Commercials) – Shell Rimula range
  • Engine oils for your boat- Shell Nautilus range selected stores only
  • Lawn mower oil - Shell 2T and Shell 4T
  • Other specialty products such as Power Steering fluid and grease

Why should I use Shell branded oils and lubricants?

Every Shell lubricant is engineered and tested to meet or exceed the toughest performance standards. As a result, Shell lubricants have been put to work across the world - protecting engines and machinery from heat, cold, wear and dirt.

Shell also constantly evaluates these products and is continuously developing new formulations to keep us at the forefront of lubricant technology.

Which oil should I use?

Selecting the correct oil for your car can be confusing. This is why Shell have developed a Lubricant Matcher, so no matter what the vehicle or machinery we can quickly tell you which oils and greases are best for your needs.You can also contact the Shell Technical Team for more information 1300 134 205.