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Fun Extras

Fun for you and your family

Colouring in Activity

Colouring in activity

Need something fun to entertain the kids during your next road trip? Download and print our colouring in activity, and keep the little ones happy and quiet.

In Car Brain Teasers

Car Quiz

Beat the boredom on your next road trip – try our fun car quiz and see how smart your family and friends really are! Simply download and print the quiz and you’ll be ready to say Bon Voyage!

GPS Download

GPS download

Want to know exactly where each Coles Express store is around Australia from your GPS navigator? Easy! Simply download and install onto your navigator.

Shell V-Power Club

Shell V-Power Club

A premium loyalty club created for people that are as passionate about driving as we are.
Sign up today and enjoy the rewards.

Prancing Horse Ferrari Drive Experiences

Prancing Horse - Ferrari Drive Experiences

Calling all Ferrari enthusiasts! Here is your opportunity to sample classic and current models of Ferrari along the open road without selling the kids or joining a club! Find out more.