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Fuel Calibration

Q. How do you ensure the accuracy of the fuel volume coming out of the pump? Do you calibrate the pumps?
A. We guarantee you ‘get what you pay for’ when you buy fuel at any of our sites. The calibration of fuel pumps at Coles Express sites exceeds Australian standards and is independently conducted at twice the frequency required by law to ensure accurate dispensing of fuel.

If you have any concerns regarding the calibration of our fuel, please ensure you have your tax invoice receipt, as proof of purchase contact us.

Fuel Contamination
Coles Express and our fuel supplier, Viva Energy Australia Pty Ltd, take the quality of fuel very seriously and test the product several times before it is sold. Should you have a concern with any fuel products, we’ll be more than happy to investigate the matter. Please contact us and have your tax invoice receipt ready, as proof of purchase, in order for our team to investigate your claim. 

For further information on our fuel contamination process, please visit the Viva Energy Australia Pty Ltd website.


Q. How often is fuel delivered to your sites?
A. Fuel deliveries are carefully scheduled to meet the demand at individual sites, causing minimum inconvenience to customers. Some sites may even have several deliveries a day!

Q. What is Shell Unleaded E10 and Shell Unleaded formulated with 10% ethanol?
A. Both Shell Unleaded E10 and Shell Unleaded formulated with 10% ethanol are an unleaded fuel blended with 10% ethanol. Where ethanol based fuel is the main grade fuel at one of our Coles Express sites in New South Wales and Queensland (due to State Government mandates) this fuel has been rebranded as Shell Unleaded formulated with 10% ethanol.

There are some great advantages to using fuel blended with ethanol. Find out more.

Q. What are the benefits of premium fuels like Shell V-Power?
A. Shell V-Power is designed to help cars operate at their best, using powerful cleaning agents and Friction Modification Technology (FMT). Find out more about the benefits of using Shell V-Power.

Q. I am going on a long drive, how can I find out where the Coles Express sites are along the way?
A. You can use our Coles Express Trip Planner – it’s a fantastic resource to help you plan your trip and fuel stops along the way.

Q. I have a GPS, is there any way that I can program in the locations of Coles Express sites nationally?
Yes! Click here to access our Coles Express Points of Interest file which has been designed by us to support Garmin, NavMan and TomTom GPS navigators. It is updated periodically.

Q. Who controls what the price of petrol is and how do you determine this?
A. Coles Express sets the price for all sites across Australia from our national store support centre.

Q. Do you have any tips on getting more kilometres out of my tank of fuel?
A. We know that getting more out of every drop of fuel is important – so we’ve got 10 great tips to keep your vehicle going for longer.

Q. What are the octane ratings of Shell fuels?
A. The octane levels of Shell unleaded fuels vary by product type. Here is a breakdown and the relevant octane levels of each:

  • Shell V-Power – minimum 98 octane
  • Shell Unleaded 95 or Shell Premium Unleaded – minimum 95 octane
  • Shell Unleaded E10 – minimum 94 octane
  • Shell Unleaded formulated with 10% ethanol – minimum 94 octane
  • Shell Unleaded – minimum 91 octane

Q. Why can’t I buy Shell V-Power Racing any more?
A. The phase out of Shell V-Power Racing was a carefully considered decision. Shell took into account a number of factors, including the need to meet changing market requirements.
Moving forward, Shell V-Power is Shell's premium fuel, available at Coles Express sites in Queensland, New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, Victoria and South Australia. Filling up with Shell V-Power has some great benefits - find out more here.

Q. Why don’t you have diesel or LPG prices on your priceboard at some sites?
A. Due to limited space on our price boards, we can’t always display the prices of all fuel products. Usage of the different fuels is what determines if the price of a particular product appears on the priceboard. 


Q. What is the business relationship between Shell and Coles Express?
A. Shell is a fuel manufacturer and wholesaler, and Coles Express obtains its supply of quality fuel products exclusively from Shell. Coles Express operates the retail side of the business and Shell is our fuel supplier. 

Q. Why are some of your sites just branded ‘Shell’ and some sites branded ‘Shell’ and ‘Coles Express’?
A. Not all ‘Shell’ branded service stations are Coles Express service stations. There are approximately 270 independently operated Shell service stations nationally that will not redeem the fuel discount receipt for Coles, Coles Online, Liquorland, BI-LO, Pick 'n Pay Hypermarket and ShopFast customers.

The Coles Express logo, and the discount fuel offer, will be displayed prominently at the front of each Coles Express operated store. Find your nearest Coles Express outlet.

Cards and Loyalty

Q. Can I buy a Coles Express Gift Card?
A. Absolutely! Coles Express Gift Cards can be purchased from most Coles supermarkets and can be used at any Coles Express site across Australia on either fuel or most shop purchases. They can be loaded with any amount from $5 to $500. Unfortunately at the moment the gift cards cannot be purchased at Coles Express sites. Find out more information about our gift cards.

Q. Can I use my 4c fuel discount receipt on fuels other than unleaded petrol?
Yes you can. The 4c fuel discount receipt can be used on any of the Shell quality fuels available at Coles Express.

Q. Can I use my FlyBuys card at Coles Express?
A. Yes, you can certainly earn FlyBuys points by shopping at Coles Express. You will collect 1 standard point for every $2 you spend on fuel or shop items. Please note though, that FlyBuys points are not awarded on purchases of tobacco or related items in NSW, VIC, QLD, SA, WA, TAS, NT including the Australian Capital Territory.

Q. What payment methods does Coles Express accept?
A. We accept cash, EFTPOS, Coles Express gift vouchers, Basics Card, WA Pensioners Fuel Card and all major credit cards including Coles MasterCard®, Visa, Mastercard, Diners Card, and American Express. We also accept all fuel cards including Shell Card, Motor Pass, Motor Charge, Fleet Card and don’t charge a surcharge.

Unfortunately, we don’t accept Coles Group & Myer gift cards and cheques. Find out more about our payment methods.