Coles Express Fuel Discount Terms & Conditions


Simply spend a qualifying amount in one transaction at a participating Coles Group store (as advertised from time to time) including Coles (excluding Coles Express), Coles Central, BILO or online with and you will receive an offer for discounted fuel ("Fuel Discount Offer"). Purchases of gift cards, tobacco or tobacco related products (which includes filters, cigarette papers, pipe cleaners, lighters, matches, and other products required to be excluded by law) or delivery/service fees do not contribute to the qualifying spend amount required for this Fuel Discount Offer.

Your Fuel Discount Offer receipts or voucher will be redeemable at all Coles Express service stations within Australia.

The Fuel Discount Offer amount that you will qualify for will be printed on your participating Coles Group receipt, except for which will provide a separate Fuel Discount Offer voucher.

One receipt or voucher entitles you to a discount off the pump price of fuel, whether LPG, diesel or petrol,

from Coles Express service stations for:

• Up to two fuel types for one vehicle (including *approved containers or boats or motorcycles on an attached trailer) up to a maximum of 150 litres; or
• Up to two fuel types in any number of *approved containers up to a maximum of 150 litres.

The lower section of your Coles Group receipt or the entire voucher must be surrendered upon redemption.

The Fuel Discount Offer is not valid in conjunction with Fleet Card, Shell Card, Motorcharge or Motorpass purchases or in conjunction with any other fuel offers or discounts unless specified otherwise. Receipts or vouchers that have been defaced, damaged or altered or have passed their expiry date are not valid for any Fuel Discount Offer.

* Approved ContainersFuels (Flammable or Combustible liquids) shall not be filled from a service station’s fuel dispenser into a container unless-

(a) the capacity of the container is not greater than 25 litres:
(b) the container complies with AS/NZS2906 or is substantially leak-proof, metal and has a tight fitting closure.


Updated November 2013