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Shell Unleaded 95

Higher octane for enhanced performance

What is Shell Unleaded 95?

Shell Unleaded 95* is ideal for many modern and European cars designed to run exclusively on higher octane fuels. Shell Unleaded 95 is designed to deliver better fuel economy**. It contains our unique Fuel Economy Formula, which helps to combat efficiency losses caused by deposits and friction in your engine.

Why should I use it?

Using Shell Unleaded 95 with Fuel Economy Formula can help make a difference to your car and your drive. Special detergents act on your engine as you drive to prevent the build up of deposits.

Where can I buy it?

Shell Unleaded 95 fuel can be found at selected Coles Express sites nationwide.

Find your nearest store.

*Available as Shell Premium Unleaded in NT.
** Based on tests using fuel without additives and may vary by vehicle.

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